Dimethylformamide (or DMF) is a solvent used in a variety of applications in the chemical industry.  DMF is also used in the manufacturing process for gloves made of polyurethane (PU) and derivatives. DMF is a chemical which, during use, can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. It is classified as harmful by inhalation and skin contact.  In case of long-term or repeated exposure, DMF may have effects on the liver. Occupational exposure limits have been defined in several countries and these limits indicate maximum concentration in the air with which MAPA gloves in polyurethane are compliant.

To eradicate the risk of exposure to DMF, MAPA offers a full range of nitrile gloves (Ultrane 553, Ultrane 562, Krynit 563, Krynit 582, etc.) and a glove in water-based polyurethane (Ultrane 555 : this glove is produced by replacing DMF solvent by water).